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EIS's Exclusive eComPress® Technology:

  • Digitizes, Compresses and Encrypts High Value Content (text and images)
  • Facilitates simple & secure distribution
  • Makes your high-value content much easier to access and update
  • Embeds with powerful searching and annotation functionalities

A superior alternative to PDF - Let us show you how & why

eComPress is currently in review by major industry, aerospace/airline and defense businesses for enhanced end-user Document Management solutions.


Industry Sector Typical Uses of eComPress
Aerospace Manufacturers
  • Product Documentation
  • User, Installer and Repair Station Instructions
  • POHs, Service Bulletins, Technical Pubs
Airlines & Maintenance Providers
  • In Flight and Ground Staff Procedures
  • Maintenance Directives
  • Regulatory Compliance Publishing
Defense Manufacturers & Contractors
  • User and Maintenance Instructions
  • Marketing Materials & Product Specs
  • Confidential/Secure Content Distribution

For more information or a 'no-hassle' demonstration, please contact us.